Thank you from a happy client!

Thank you from a happy client!



Client feedback and things people say about me and the benefits of my coaching: 



“Outstanding support from a highly professional and caring individual.  I truly couldn’t have got to where I am without Emily.  I am about to start my own business and all because Emily made me believe in myself and go for my goals”

EM, Previously in Education, transitioning to Gardening Business Owner 


Emily has transformed my career outlook from being completely frustrating to becoming driven, focused and excited about my new career. I was totally lost in my work life when I contacted Emily, I knew I didn’t want to stay in my existing career, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.

She immediately put me at ease and took me on a journey to discover myself and what I really wanted from a new career. She helped me to define my values and discover so much about myself that I didn’t previously know. Emily has a tried and tested process, she questions, guides and genuinely wants to do the best for you. If you put your trust in Emily she will reward you with more than career guidance, it might just change your life. It has for me.”

Communications Agency Owner


“I found the sessions with Emily to be a very useful and structured way to critically assess my current career situation and how it is in line with my inherent abilities, values and my personal goals. If anything, it’s given me some peace of mind that I’m on the right track and has provided some useful skills to keep assessing this as I progress throughout my career.”

Melissa, BP&A Manager, Medical Industry


“I worked with Emily over 5 months to help me with prioritising and getting tasks done (especially things that seemed difficult or boring).  Her ability to create a space for me that was non-judgmental and constructive has helped me to find my own solutions, which ultimately has made me feel more confident and in control”.

Business Manager of a Social Enterprise


“I have found the process of career coaching really interesting and creative.  It has helped me to determine what I want to do – the visualisations really work!

I very much enjoyed our sessions together and would really like to thank you very much for helping me along in the process of finding a new path.”



“I just wanted to say a big, big thank you for today.  I’ve been so excited to talk about all of this, so I really appreciated having the space to be able to talk it through with you. 

Everything we’ve done so far has really helped me to feel in control of my future and stay true to my discovered self.  I’m very excited to continue the coaching/mentoring journey with you, thank you again – you’ve been brilliant!”



“Emily has recently run a very successful coaching programme for our organisation. From our first meeting with her to determine a “good fit” for our needs, to the results she has delivered for us, we have found Emily to be extremely professional and personable throughout.  Coachees have found her objective views, practical advice, exercises and longer term strategies pretty powerful tools in life!  As well as individuals directly benefitting from the process, my HR team managing the programme have also found Emily to be an excellent partner including great forward planning and timetabled feedback keeping them well informed on progress.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Emily and Green Grass Coaching.

CEO, Events Industry


“Working with Emily has been extremely beneficial.  Emily was very warm and easy to talk to, making me feel at ease in all of the sessions, which allowed me to benefit from the coaching as much as possible.  The sessions have helped me to gain confidence, and supported my decision making for the future, by helping me to understand what it is I want in the long term.  The skills and techniques that Emily provided me with are invaluable, and I have no doubt that they will help me in both my professional and personal life.  Thank you Emily!”

G. Lilley, University of Sussex


“I found Emily very warm, professional, knowledgeable and empathetic.  She really helped me explore and interpret my thoughts and findings so I could plan my way forward in my career .”

DW, Leadership Development Consultant in Financial services   


“I had been through a coaching programme during my corporate career which was very beneficial. Now, having left my corporate job and been through a messy end to a business I had been running, I felt unconfident and unsure and about what to do next. Coaching with Emily helped me understand my real self much better, away from the defining attributes of a corporate career. Having this understanding is helping me make much better decisions about how to spend my time. I now feel calm, confident, self-assured and excited about the future”.

LF, Self Employed


“I found the career coaching sessions with Emily invaluable. I was at a point where I felt really stuck in my career and didn’t know where to go next.  Emily’s warm and empathetic approach made her very easy to talk to and I felt she really listened to me and adapted our sessions around my needs.  This, combined with some really thought provoking exercises, has really helped me think about what I’m good at, what I’m interested in and how I can make more of this in my career.  I now know what I want to do next and whilst it’s going to take me a while to get there, I have a clear direction and am on the path to get there.”

GC, Consultant in HR Industry


“Working with Emily has been by far my most positive and successful experience of working with a coach. Her professional and friendly manner combined with a structured programme helped to create both openness and purpose, and for the first time I have a clear plan to develop my career.”

Senior Manager in Local Government


“Having found Emily through the Aspire foundation twitter account I was immediately impressed with her approach to establishing our needs – often when finding support and development solutions most of the solution fits with the need, but in this case all of the solution fitted as Emily listened, probed and advised exactly the right approach for us.

As a result of her coaching we have a manager who is a little bit transformed!  Who now feels validated in her own style of management, confident and empowered to do things her way. 

We are hoping to work with Emily in more ways across the organisation to develop more of our managers as empowered individuals, influential and effective coaches and thus happier people at work.  Thank you!

Anna Clodfelter,  CEO, University of Portsmouth Students’ Union


“Emily is a warm, perceptive and insightful coach who asks fabulous questions!  She creates a calm and purposeful coaching environment and is absolutely committed to helping you achieve the result you want to.  If you’re looking for a coach who’ll help you to feel safe yet inspired, who’ll listen and challenge your thinking and who genuinely cares about what happens to you next, then I can’t recommend Emily highly enough.”

Kirsten Holder, Kickstart Development


“Coaching with Emily is always extremely beneficial.  She helps me to develop skills that I can incorporate into everyday working life as well as helping me to identify my areas of development, my goals and the best course of action to achieve these.  Emily is very friendly, professional and easy to talk to.  I always look forward to our sessions!”

Finance and Office Manager, Music Industry


“I worked with Emily and a team to develop and deliver a significant Leadership programme.  She was always engaging and positive.  She showed a genuine care for everyone involved and made a positive contribution to everyone’s performance.”

Greg Searle MBE, Inspirational Speaker at Room 54; Lane 4 Consultant; Olympic Rower


“I had never had coaching like this before and I learnt quite a bit about myself.  The coaching sessions were really interesting and Emily used various exercises and techniques.  I am very pleased with the outcome and very happy to recommend Emily!”

MT, Virgin Atlantic