MBTI Personality Profile Tool

What is MBTI and how can it help me or my team?

MBTI logoThe Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and uses an on-line questionnaire designed to indicate an individual’s personality type.

Thank you Dr Seuss, how right you are...

It helps you to develop an enhanced self-awareness, enabling you to better understand how you prefer to operate in life, make decisions and interact with others.

Understanding your personality and how this drives your behaviours can often give people a real ‘a-ha’ moment.

In turn, this can create a greater sense of empathy for what is behind other people’s behaviours, which can make interacting with each other a lot easier and more effective.

A coaching session using MBTI can particularly help you:

  • to gain greater self-awareness and personal insight
  • to identify individual and leadership  development areas
  • to interact and develop positive relationships with others
  • better understand team dynamics and effectiveness
  • with career development and choices

Individuals and Teams

I am licensed to use MBTI and can facilitate coaching sessions for individuals (either as a one-off session or as part of a series of Career or Development Coaching sessions) and for small groups (bespoke team development sessions).

Find out how MBTI sessions work or contact me for more information.