Development Coaching

Are you looking to enhance your performance or keen to develop someone else in your team?

Your grass is greenerPerforming at your best can have its peaks and troughs, even if you love the career you are in.

There are the times when you feel motivated, decisive and successful, when things are really going your way.

Then there are the times when you hit a learning curve or a brick wall, when constant change and challenge make it harder for you to give and achieve your best.

Coaching helps people at all stages of their career, supporting them to continually grow their performance.

How can Green Grass Coaching help?

I work in partnership with leaders and individuals in organisations who want to develop and achieve their goals.  Through bespoke 1:1 coaching (and tools such as MBTI), I facilitate a persons thinking, stimulate ideas and support their learning.  Topics are far reaching and may include:

  • Emotional intelligence and managing different styles/behaviours/perspectives
  • Leadership skills, managing change and making difficult decisions
  • Enhancing self-awareness, building confidence and managing challenging situations
  • Taking on a new role/team or overcoming a barrier to your career progression
  • Feeling over-stretched (or under-stimulated) and wanting to regain balance

Outcomes of Coaching

Mediabakery_BLI0008822People are better able to focus, reflect and identify clear actions to help themselves make progress, enabling them to:

  • define their vision, specific development goals and outcomes
  • enhance self-awareness, consider different perspectives and new insights
  • generate ideas and options to achieve agreed goals
  • feel confident, make decisions, plan next steps and review outcomes

Having a coach can make all the difference to how an individual feels and behaves, and therefore to the quality of the outcomes they deliver and the impact they have on achieving organisation goals.

Find out more about what coaching is and how it can help you or how Development Coaching works. . .