Are you looking to enhance your performance or keen to develop someone else in your team?

I help individuals and leaders in organisations who want to develop their skills and behaviours or who are facing challenges and want to move in a more helpful direction.

I also work with small business owners and other freelancers who miss having a confidential and impartial sounding board, and want the support and challenge of a coach to work through specific issues or help keep themselves on track.

Topics are far reaching and may include:

  • Emotional intelligence and managing different styles and behaviours

  • Enhancing self-awareness and building confidence

  • Increasing effectiveness and overcoming unproductive patterns of behaviour

  • Leadership skills, managing change and making difficult decisions

  • Taking on a new role/team or overcoming a barrier to career progression

  • Feeling over-stretched or under-stimulated and wanting to regain balance

How does coaching help?

Bespoke 1:1 coaching will facilitate your thinking and help you to unravel your jumble of thoughts.  It enables you to better understand how you feel about a situation, to reflect on your current actions and behaviours and to gain a different perspective.

Having a coach is an empowering experience.  It will help you to identify new goals and ideas, try out and review different approaches and boost the strengths and confidence you need to achieve both personal and organisational objectives.

Find out more about what coaching is and how Development Coaching works or  contact me me to arrange a FREE consultation.