Are you ready to make some changes in your career?

Coaching for when you need it.  Pay as you go – no long-term contracts.

I coach people who have reached a crossroads in their working life, including those who:

  • Are feeling stuck, unhappy or unfulfilled in their career

  • Are in successful, professional or senior roles but no longer find it meaningful

  • Are facing redundancy or a restructure and want to work out ‘what next?’
  • Are returning to work after having children or a career break
  • Are reaching the later stages of their working life and want to explore a new direction
  • Have a dream but no plan.  Or no idea what they want to do, just not what they are doing now!

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How does Career Coaching help?

Deciding that you want a change can feel overwhelming, especially when you are trying to do it alone.

Having a career  coach enables you to reflect, focus and re-gain control.

It stimulates your thinking, draws out your innate strengths and resourcefulness and provides you with the support you need to make decisions and plans.

I use the FireworkTM  career programme which involves a series of thought provoking exercises and 1:1 coaching.  It is split into 3 focus sections (Explore, Dream, Discover) and step by step we work together to enable you to move from stuck  and uncertain to having a clear vision about what you want and a realistic plan to make it happen it.


You will gain a full understanding of your values, strengths, passions and all the things that make you tick. Clients often enjoy this part of the process as it helps them to reconnect with the essence of who they are, recognising what is important to them and what might be missing in their working life.


You will consider a range of ideas, visions and different career possibilities. Together we will use your insights and research to evaluate your career options, enabling you to decide on your preferred choice. This is a creative process, encouraging you to explore without self-limiting thoughts and to focus on what really interests and inspires you.


Here you will work on bridging the gap between your currently reality and your new chosen direction. Clients usually find this a very pragmatic stage in the process as it means making decisions and starting to work out your next steps. Being supported by a coach will help you to galvanize your plans towards a working life that it right for you.

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Coaching Gift Vouchers are available – a great present for someone who wants a change in their work life.