Emily Taylor

It’s good to know something about your coach, so here is a bit about me:

Emily Taylor, engaging, creative, intuitive coach

Emily Taylor

I live and work in Brighton. Moving to this vibrant place by the sea was a big goal for me 17 years ago and I still love it now.

I have a genuine passion for helping people to fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams.  I get really inspired by what people can accomplish and the positive impact this can have on their lives and the lives of others.  There is something I really admire about the courage and commitment it takes for them to make changes happen, both big and small.  I only have to hear the theme tune to the film ‘Chariots of Fire’ to feel stirred!

My career roots

I am a qualified coach and have over 15 years experience in Learning and Organisational Development within the retail and food/drink manufacturing industries.   This has included designing and facilitating a wide variety of leadership, team and individual development options and building and implementing learning strategies to drive business change.  I have enjoyed leading and being part of different teams and have had the privilege to work with and coach many talented people.

In many ways I felt successful in my career and then a little voice in me started to whisper “I want something different”.  I just wasn’t sure what or how.  When I returned to work after having my twin children, the voice got louder and harder to ignore.  As a coach, I believe in the power of coaching and so I invested in some for myself.  The result is Green Grass Coaching…. and a happier inner voice!  If you’d like to know more about what I learnt from my career change experience, have a look at my first blog post.

My coaching style

People say I am an engaging, creative and intuitive coach;  that I am warm, listen well, have empathy and ask thought provoking and outcome focused questions.  I recognise the importance of a tangible plan and balance my style of ‘many exciting new possibilities’ with a big dollop of pragmatism.

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