Learning Content

I work with organisations and facilitators to write content for learning interventions and materials including:

  • Workshops, training courses and modules

  • Case studies, exercises and online information

Having worked in-house to design content and courses, I now love consulting with organisations and communications/publishing companies who want credible and insightful learning content.  I also work with other facilitators who want support to co-design new materials and programmes.

Clients often plan to deliver, facilitate or produce the content in-house or with their clients, so all content is bespoke to reflect their individual requirements.

Topics really vary, but generally, focus on:

  • Leadership and teams

  • Communication and meaningful conversations

  • Emotional intelligence and adapting styles

  • Developing others

  • Using different models or approaches

  • ….and other soft skills.

My expertise lies in being able to:

  • Consult to gain clarity of need and learning outcomes

  • Develop ideas and create insightful and tailored content

  • Work with an organisation’s existing frameworks, content or culture

  • Research and apply relevant approaches and models

  • Design from the perspective of an experienced facilitator

  • Always have the learner experience in mind

Please contact me to discuss your content needs and how we can work together.