Take a seat and imagine this……. you are feeling a bit stuck in your working life….. you’ve lost your career mojo and really can’t remember what inspired you to follow the career path you are on.

In fact, you’ve all but disconnected with what motivates you, what you are really good at and what impact you intended to have on the world.

You’re sure it’s in you somewhere but fear you may need the very latest sat nav to locate it.

Then picture someone sending you a link with the chance to re-connect with it.  To explore what is important to you, to review your strengths and the skills you enjoy……to identify what gives you purpose and truly gets you going (yes, as well as needing to pay the mortgage).

In this reverie, someone is guiding you through this process, supporting you, helping you to think big and reflect on different perspectives.  You feel listened to and any slightly battered pieces of self-belief are starting to regenerate.

After 7 Explore sessions, you have clarity on the ingredients you need to be fulfilled in your career and working life.  This is the foundation you were longing for;  with this in place you can find ways to either improve your current career or maybe consider new choices or changes in a time and way that suits you.   You feel more in control…..excited even…..

…..and click…..you’re back in the room.  This is THAT link…….the one to The Explore Coaching Package offering you the chance to have a really good look at yourself and work out what you actually need and want in your career.  You could think of it as a Career MOT.

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