My Green Grass Workshop

Your grass is greener where you water it


Come and kick-start a review of your career by attending a My Green Grass Workshop.

Your grass is greener where you water it….and this session counts as watering it!


This workshop is ideal for you if you:

  • feel you never have time to proactively consider your career and working life
  • want to start identifying what you want to improve, develop or change (now or future)
  • would enjoy being part of a small group to discuss and reflect on your career

What is a My Green Grass Workshop?

A 2-hour small group session, normally 6-8 people, held in the evening.  It is both informal and facilitated, including discussion and thought provoking exercises to help you start considering what is important to you in your working life and what may currently be missing.

What will I get from it?

This is a chance for you to take time out of your busy life to unashamedly focus on YOU and YOUR career, whether you are currently working or not.  By the end of the session you will have:

  • reflected on what motivates and inspires you most
  • started to develop some insight into what you need to be fulfilled in your working life
  • had the chance to share experiences with each other

You will also have the opportunity to find out more about coaching, what it is like and how it could benefit to you.  If you decide you want more support and that arranging some 1:1 coaching is the right choice for you, anyone attending a My Green Grass Workshop will be entitled to a 10% discount on subsequently booked coaching sessions.

What does it cost?

£25 per person.

When and where is it?

  • Date & Time:    Tuesday 2nd June 2015, 6pm-8pm
  • Venue:               * The Stoneham Pub (Function Room), Portland Road, Hove

* they do nice food if you fancy a bite to eat either before or after the session.

How do I book?

Please contact me to book a place (or if you have any questions) via my Contact Page.  I will then send you payment details and confirmation of booking.  If you would like to come but can’t make the date, please also contact me and I will let you know as soon as the next session is booked.